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PGA78, Seating Order & other topics – PGA Spokesperson…

PGA78, Seating Order & other topics – PGA Spokesperson's Briefing

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Briefing by Paulina Kubiak, Spokesperson for the President of the 77th Session of the General Assembly.
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In the General Assembly today… Member States elected by acclamation Mr. Dennis Francis as the President of the 78th session of the General Assembly.

In his congratulatory remarks, President Csaba Kőrösi noted that Mr. Francis brings almost 40 years of experience in Trinidad and Tobago's Diplomatic Service.

His vision for the 78th session is "Peace, Prosperity, Progress and Sustainability", which offers a comprehensive view of the work of the General Assembly, given the focus on climate change and sustainability.

President Kőrösi noted that there are nearly 100 days still left in this session.

He will continue to promote the use of science for a sustainability transformation, namely in the preparations for the SDG Summit during the High-Level Week in September.

The President also called for acting on the gamechangers elaborated by the UN Water Conference to give answers and solutions to the unfolding water crisis.

And to the 16 negotiating processes, including GA revitalization.


As is tradition, after the election of the President-elect, the Secretary-General drew a lot to decide the seating arrangements in the General Assembly Hall for the 78th session.

The first seat will go to North Macedonia.


Member States today also elected by acclamation the General Assembly Vice-Presidents for the 78th session:

African States: Congo, Gambia, Morocco, Senegal, Uganda, Zambia

Asia-Pacific States: Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan

Eastern European States: Estonia

Latin American and Caribbean States: Plurinational State of Bolivia, Suriname

Western European and other States: Iceland, Kingdom of the Netherlands

It is these plus the P5 who will make up the Vice-Presidents of the General Assembly for the 78th session.


This hour, President Kőrösi is listening in on a roundtable about Security Council reform in the Trusteeship.

This is a side event organized by the Permanent Missions of Brazil, India, South Africa and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


This afternoon, the President will be meeting with Leen Sharqawi and Amhed Abu Daqqa.

These are two Palestinian refugee students, who are studying under UNRWA.

This is ahead of Friday's UNRWA pledging conference.

And you will hear from the students directly tomorrow, at the pledging event. 


Today's PGA election is not the only one in the UN community…

President Kőrösi today congratulated the new head of the World Meteorological Organization, Professor Celeste Saulo – the first ever woman elected to the role.

The President said in a Tweet that he hopes Prof. Saulo and WMO President Abdulla Al Mandous will prioritize the UN Water outcomes and make the water gamechangers a reality.


I also wanted to clarify something that I've been seeing in the press that the theme for UNGA78 is the SDGs. It is not.

The President-elect selects the theme for UNGA, in consultations with his Office, DGACM and others.

The official theme has not been announced yet.


The Spokesperson was asked when PGA78 will take office. President Kőrösi will handover to PGA-elect Francis on Tuesday, 5 September.

The Spokesperson was asked when the Credentials Committee would be appointed. The Spokesperson was able to clarify that those members are appointed by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the President, usually at the first meeting of the session in September.

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