Rethinking collective action: How can we redesign…

Rethinking collective action: How can we redesign our economic models to incentivize collective action and unlock impact, value and investments at system scale? (UN 2023 Water Conference Side Event)
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Let us seek to RETHINK our approach to water resources management and investment planning through the creation of a Collective Action Coalition. Our goal is to foster collaboration amongst public and private stakeholders to secure multi-sectorial, multipurpose investments and instigate lasting economic change towards regenerative, water-secure development models.

This event aims at:

  • Launching the RETHINKING Coalition, which seeks to demonstrate a model of radical collaboration to collectively REIMAGINE our economic development, governance, and financing frameworks to achieve SDG6.
  • Multiple coalition members and pioneers will share about their own journey towards radical collaboration, the challenges, and constraints they face to deliver the impact they envision, and the initiatives they are already undertaking to break silos that are reason for hope.
  • Coalition members will share about their commitment to engage in a process of radical collaboration.