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Soil and water: a source of life - World Soil…

Soil and water: a source of life - World Soil Day 2023
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Event entitled "Soil and water: a source of life" (on the occasion of World Soil Day) (5 December) (co-organized by the Permanent Missions of Australia, Namibia and Thailand, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD))

In December 2013 the United Nations General Assembly designated 5 December as World Soil Day (WSD). The WSD 2023 and its campaign aim to raise awareness on the importance and relationship between soil and water in achieving sustainable and resilient agrifood systems.


Healthy soils, enriched with organic matter, play a crucial role in regulating water retention and availability. WSD's theme this year "Soil and Water: a source of life" is, therefore, of critical importance as integrated soil and water management practices provide essential ecosystem services, supporting life on earth and enhancing ecosystem resilience.

To this end, it is crucial to create global awareness on the importance of soil management that will help create sustainable agriculture, prevent resources scarcity, improve the quality of life of the people, while ensuring food security and achieving the SDG2.