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Preventing conflict-related sexual violence through…

Preventing conflict-related sexual violence through demilitarization and gender-responsive arms control - Security Council, Open Debate, 9614th meeting

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Women, Peace and Security: Preventing conflict-related sexual violence through demilitarisation and gender-responsive arms control. 
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The annual open debate on CRSV provides an opportunity for Member States to reflect on emerging themes associated with the systematic use of sexual violence by state and non-state actors as a tactic of war, torture, and terrorism in armed conflicts. This year the debate on CRSV will focus on preventing CRSV through demilitarisation and gender-responsive armed control. It will aim to identify opportunities for cross-leveraging arms control and disarmament treaties, instruments, and frameworks to more effectively prevent CRSV, and to increase women's leadership and influence in formulating policy and decision-making in this field.


  • Presidency: His Excellency Chris Fearne, Deputy Prime Minister, Malta.
  • Briefer: Ms. Pramila Patten, Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict.
  • Briefer: Ms. Niemat Ahmadi, founder and President, Darfur Women Action Group.
  • Briefer: Ms. Danai Gurira, Goodwill Ambassador.
  • Statement: His Excellency Chris Fearne, Deputy Prime Minister, Malta.
  • Statements: Switzerland, Republic of Korea, Sierra Leone, Japan, China, Algeria, Russian Federation, United States of America, Mozambique, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, France, Guyana, Ecuador, Slovenia.
  • Further statements: United States of America, Russian Federation.
  • Statement: His Excellency Nuno Sampaio, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Portugal.
  • Statements: Egypt, Yemen, Guatemala, Mexico.
  • Statement: Her Excellency Laetitia Courtois, Permanent Observer and Head of Delegation, International Committee of the Red Cross.
  • Statements: Costa Rica, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh.
  • Statement: His Excellency Stavros Lambrinidis, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations.
  • Statement: Kingdom of the Netherlands (on behalf of: LGBTI Core Group).
  • Statement: Chile.
  • Statement: Luxembourg (on behalf of: Benelux).
  • Statements: Indonesia, Brazil, Lithuania, Estonia, Dominican Republic, India, Latvia, Spain.
  • Statement: Canada (on behalf of: Group of Friends of women, peace and security).
  • Statements: Panama, Hungary, Morocco, Austria, Thailand, Italy, Czechia, Croatia.
  • Statement: Denmark (on behalf of: Nordic countries).
  • Statements: Albania, Poland, Ukraine, Colombia, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Australia, Ireland, El Salvador, Andorra, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri Lanka.
  • Statement: Observer State of the Holy See.
  • The meeting was suspended.

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