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BBNJ Treaty - The Race for Ratification (SDG Action…

BBNJ Treaty - The Race for Ratification (SDG Action Weekend, Side Event)
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The race for ratification of the BBNJ Treaty is the perfect example of how, by working together around the world, we can accelerate action to deliver the SDGs. 
  • Side Event at the SDG Action Weekend organized by IUCN, Sierra Leone, European Union, Republic of Korea, Chile, Republic of Vanuatu, Birdlife International, Asociación Interamericana para la Defensa del Ambiente (AIDA), High Seas Alliance, EarthEcho, Greenpeace.

To maximize the SDG Summit's impact, the Secretary General is convening an SDG Action Weekend, which will generate opportunities for stakeholders, UN entities, and Member States to convene inside the United Nations Headquarters and set out specific commitments and contributions to drive SDG transformation between now and 2030.

The SDG Action Weekend will consist of the SDG Mobilization Day on Saturday, 16 September, and the SDG Acceleration Day on Sunday, 17 September at UNHQ in New York.

The SDG Action Weekend includes a select number of high-level side-events identified through an open call that concluded in August. They are jointly organized by coalitions of Member States, UN agencies and other international organizations, and global stakeholder networks.