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Multi-level governance for SDG implementation…

Multi-level governance for SDG implementation: the role of VNRs and VLRs (VNR Lab 2023 - HLPF 2023 Special Event)
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The present VNR/VLR Lab, which will include contributions from both national and local Governments and other relevant actors, will provide participants the opportunity to reflect upon the ways in which Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) and Voluntary Local Reviews (VLRs) can be used to enhance multilevel governance and to accelerate SDG implementation at national and local levels.

Key questions for discussion will include:

  1. What experiences, challenges and innovative approaches can be shared in terms of:
    • how local governments have used VLRs to advance implementation of specific SDGs, while also "doing no harm" in relation to other SDGs and leaving no one behind
    • how local governments have used VLRs and VSRs to put in place procedural approaches for achieving sustainable development, including in planning and budgeting, stakeholder engagement and leaving no one behind, governance arrangements and structures
    • How national governments have supported VLRs and VSRs and the value in advancing SDG implementation at national level
  2. How have VNR, VLR and VSR processes contributed to strengthen multilevel dialogue in terms of SDG implementation, with a specific look to the VLR-VSR-VNR connection