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8th International Day of Women & Girls in Science…

8th International Day of Women & Girls in Science Assembly
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This high-level panel is organized around fictitious communities that have their main impact on the SDGs under review in 2023. Key stakeholders of these communities will be brought together for a substantive discussion on the means of implementation (SDG17): how to create the enabling environment for accelerated implementation of SDGs 6, 7, 9 and 11.

The objectives of the morning sessions are:

  • Discussing the concept and key dimensions of "Sustainable Cities and Communities" with special focus on SDG 11.
  • Discussing how to present a holistic road map toward sustainable transport systems, accounting for sustainability's three dimensions: environmental, social, and economic.
  • Addressing SDG6 and SDG9 and their nexuses, with particular emphasis on SDG2 and the imperative need for sustainable business communities, the challenges facing the industrial areas and the role businesses should play to achieve global food security.
  • Highlight how countries can leverage space science and technologies to achieve the SDGs, specially SDG6 and its nexus, through concrete examples. It will also feature women in space experts with an aim to attract more women and girls to space sciences.