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Vassily Nebenzia (Russia) on Maintenance of peace…

Vassily Nebenzia (Russia) on Maintenance of peace and security of Ukraine - Security Council Media Stakeout
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Informal comments to the media by Vassily Nebenzia, Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, on Maintenance of peace and security of Ukraine.

Remarks from Ambassador Nebenzia:

"I would like to stress that contrary to the Western propaganda, the promise of Maidan was nothing else but a bait. Ukraine has to give up everything – its sovereignty, the right to determine its future, its historic, cultural Slavic background and religious ties with Russia – so that its more and more corrupt elite could receive perks from its Western sponsors while sending the ordinary people to the battlefield to die for them. This was the initial plot from the outset as it is absolutely clear today.

The history of Maidan is important in order to understand the origins of the current decline and erosion of Ukraine as a state. It should serve as a warning for everyone who is being cajoled by the West in its criminal pursuit of new pawns to promote its devastating and selfish geopolitical agenda."