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First Committee, 32nd plenary meeting - General…

First Committee, 32nd plenary meeting - General Assembly, 77th session

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Disarmament and International Security Committee
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Action on all draft resolutions and decisions submitted under disarmament and international security agenda items

A/C.1/77/1, A/C.1/77/INF/1, A/C.1/77/INF/4, A/77/27, A/77/42, A/77/64, A/77/77, A/77/80, A/77/86, A/77/87, A/77/92, A/77/96, A/77/97, A/77/98, A/77/99, A/77/111, A/77/113, A/77/114, A/77/115, A/77/117, A/77/118, A/77/120, A/77/121, A/77/122, A/77/123, A/77/124, A/77/126, A/77/131, A/77/133, A/77/144, A/77/145, A/77/152, A/77/153 (Part I), A/77/153 (Part II), A/77/159, A/77/165, A/77/184, A/77/188, A/77/263, A/77/275, A/CONF.192/BMS/2022/1, A/C.1/77/L.4, A/C.1/77/L.5, A/C.1/77/L.6, A/C.1/77/L.8, A/C.1/77/L.9, A/C.1/77/L.10, A/C.1/77/L.12, A/C.1/77/L.14, A/C.1/77/L.15, A/C.1/77/L.18, A/C.1/77/L.20, A/C.1/77/L.21, A/C.1/77/L.23, A/C.1/77/L.23/Rev.1, A/C.1/77/L.24, A/C.1/77/L.25, A/C.1/77/L.28, A/C.1/77/L.31, A/C.1/77/L.32, A/C.1/77/L.33, A/C.1/77/L.34, A/C.1/77/L.35, A/C.1/77/L.37, A/C.1/77/L.44, A/C.1/77/L.47, A/C.1/77/L.54, A/C.1/77/L.56, A/C.1/77/L.59, A/C.1/77/L.63, A/C.1/77/L.66, A/C.1/77/L.71, A/C.1/77/L.73, A/C.1/77/L.75, A/C.1/77/L.77

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