Small scale, reliable and renewable: Clean electricity…

Small scale, reliable and renewable: Clean electricity is changing lives in Madagascar.

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According to energy industry experts, we're in the middle of a massive expansion of renewable energy sources, and it's likely to continue. At the UN climate conference in Dubai at the end of last year, governments committed to tripling global capacity by 2030, and the International Energy Agency, for one, is bullish about that goal being achieved. But will developing countries benefit?
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Moritz Brauchle is the managing director of Africa GreenTec Madagascar, a social enterprise which provides sustainable energy solutions to some of the 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa currently living without any access to electricity.

He explained to Conor Lennon from UN News the advantages of minigrids and how they are breathing new life into communities that were formerly consigned to darkness once the sun went down.

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