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3rd Meeting, Group of Experts on National Accounts…

3rd Meeting, Group of Experts on National Accounts 2024

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The Expert Group on National Accounts supports the implementation of the CES work programme related to national accounts and globalization. It will facilitate the implementation of the 2008 System of National Accounts (SNA) and related international statistical standards through the promotion of best practices, contributions to the development of recommendations and methodological materials, and support to capacity building activities in national accounts.
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9.30 - 12.05: Well-being and SustainabilityOrganisers: Jennifer Withington (Statistics Canada), Jorrit Zwijnenburg (OECD),
Catherine Van Rompaey (World Bank)

12:05 – 16:30 D: Measuring intangible assets and natural capital in 2025 SNA
Organisers: Dave Wasshausen and Robert Kornfeld (US BEA), Bram Edens (OECD),
Nicola Massarelli (Eurostat), Jennifer Ribarsky and Erich St

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