Press Conferences

Geneva Press Briefing: WHO, UNICEF, WMO, IFRC…

Biweekly Press Briefing


  • WHO / UNICEF Dr Kate O'Brien (Zoom from Geneva), Director, Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals, WHO and Ephrem Tekle Lemango (Zoom from New-York), UNICEF Associate Director of Immunisation, UNICEF

· Promising signs of immunization services rebounding in some countries, however, particularly in low-income countries, coverage still falls short of pre-pandemic levels putting children at grave risk from disease outbreaks

  • WMO Clare Nullis (B-128) with John Nairn (B-128), Senior Extreme Heat Advisor

· Heatwaves and health

  • IFRC Panu Saaristo (Zoom from Budapest), IFRC Emergency Health Unit Team leader

· Heatwaves in Europe

  • IFRC Xavier Castellanos (Zoom from Nairobi)

· Sudan