2023 SDG Action Weekend Wrap-Up

2023 SDG Action Weekend Wrap-Up
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The SDG Action Weekend was held at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 16-17 September. It consisted of the SDG Mobilization Day on Saturday, 16 September, and the SDG Acceleration Day on Sunday, 17 September.

The SDG Action Weekend helped ramp up momentum towards a successful SDG Summit and facilitated the contribution of all relevant actors to the SDG Summit by generating opportunities for the engagement of Member States, relevant Intergovernmental Organizations, and other stakeholders to highlight their contributions to the implementation of the SDGs.


The SDG Mobilization Day convened a wide variety of different stakeholders from across civil society, the private sector, youth, women's groups, scientists, local and regional governments, major groups, and other stakeholders. The participation, contributions,

and catalytic mobilization of these stakeholders will be essential to a successful SDG Summit and the long-term implementation of the SDGs.


The SDG Acceleration Day profiled actions, investments, and support to accelerate implementation between 2023 and 2030. It centered around twelve High Impact Initiatives that the UN development system had mobilized around in advance of the SDG Summit. In addition, the day featured dedicated sessions on SDG Digital and Generation Equality, as well as a Special Session on Development in Complex Settings.