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G20 side event: Creativity and innovation for…

G20 side event: Creativity and innovation for the circular economy: the contribution of young people
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Held on 15 September 2021, this G20 side event was organized in collaboration with the World Food Forum, the Italian Minister of Youth Policies, the Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO), and the Italian Youth Council to promote the debate and foster the innovative potential of young citizens regarding the production and consumption of food.

Reuse, renew, regenerate and recycle – the basis to the approach of circular economy to prevent wastage - an approach needed in the transformation of our agri-food systems. How can youth play a role? This event explores how circular economy models can promote sustainable development and the role youth can play in the shift to circular agri-food systems. Watch to see th ediscussion from the office of Maria Cristina Pisani, President of the Italian Youth Council, on the topic of activating young citizens for the right to sustainable food and fostering agile and innovative youth interaction with the institutions.