(Second Session) XXI Infopoverty World Conference…

(Second Session) XXI Infopoverty World Conference: How to Build a Fairer and More Inclusive Digital Society?
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Second Session - Clean the planet, clean the web: how the virtual dimension can operate for tackling the new priorities
Theme: How to Build a Fairer and More Inclusive Digital Society?

Throughout the years, the XXI Infopoverty World Conference has continuously addressed the advancements brought about by the Digital Revolution and has progressively discovered and launched best practice models in the fields of telemedicine, e-learning, e-agriculture, and e-finance, followed by their successful implementation in many African and Latin American remote villages and disadvantaged communities.

The XXI Infopoverty World Conference intends to explore how the Digital Society is evolving, imposing new paradigms and forms of relationship, focusing on the ambivalence between the virtual and real spheres, investigating the inner calling of the main actors and driving forces of the transformation: Industries – driven by profits – Governments – led by the duty to social wellness – Civil Society – having its own priorities and needs to satisfy. New subjects need to be involved in this re-shaping process to define a fairer and more inclusive Digital Society by providing practical answers to some turning-point questions and highlighting new seeds that will nurture the telos of the Digital Society. The response to these questions can unveil the future, granting Human Rights, Social Welfare, and freedom, avoiding the Orwellian risk.