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(Part 2) First Interuniversity Conference on Youth…

(Part 2) First Interuniversity Conference on Youth, Education and Research
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The conference aims to explore the nexus between youth, education, and research. It is co-chaired by Ambassador and Permanent Representative, H.E. M.r Karlito Nunes of the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste, with Ambassador and Permanent Observer, H.E. M.r Daniel del Valle Blanco and Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Observer, HE. Dr. Otto von Feigenblatt of the International Youth Organization to the United Nations.

The main objective of the conference is to bring together academics and professionals to exchange best practices and establish a research agenda for the upcoming year. The list of speakers comprises experts, leaders in education, and diplomats representing different countries.

Among the topics covered in the presentations, one explores the significance of higher education in facilitating social mobility, particularly in terms of the development of human capital. Other presentations investigate the role of primary and secondary education in nurturing fundamental skills to prepare young individuals for entry into the workforce. Furthermore, several presentations are dedicated to examining the role of government, both at the local and national levels, in fostering increased collaboration between the education sector and the youth.

The conference format includes both conventional presentations and a discussion panel centered around the theme of education and youth. This panel comprises representatives from a wide range of countries and organizations. Its primary objective is to facilitate open dialogues on critical conference topics, summarizing perspectives expressed in the conventional presentations, and suggesting directions for future research and policy development.