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Redefining Development: The Extraordinary Genesis…

Redefining Development: The Extraordinary Genesis of the Sustainable Development Goals
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The event will be based on the book written by Paula Caballero with Patti Londoño, a team of authors who have worked directly with international public policies and the establishment of global agendas at the United Nations and at their national level.

The book takes a practical look at the genesis of the SDGs. The book forces a reflection on what it takes to drive and advance the transformations needed across our societies and economies. The fact that the SDGs were crafted against all odds should be a call to finally implementing them with renewed vigor and determination. And as we underline, we regard the SDG and the climate agendas as one. The years ahead call for transformation and disruption and the SDG journey demonstrates that it is possible. The book speaks to the plethora of constituencies committed to action across the SDGs and aims to incentivize many more once they understand the degree to which the SDGs broke through outdated notions of development.