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High-Level Event on ending the COVID-19 pandemic…

High-Level Event on ending the COVID-19 pandemic through equitable access to vaccines, tests and treatments (Closed captions)
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High-level event aims to take stock of the global roll out of COVID-19 vaccines, diagnostics and treatments.

High level opening segment

Two high level roundtables

  • The first roundtable will share experiences and critical actions needed to vaccinate all at-risk populations and healthcare workers on the way to achieving the 70% coverage target. 
  • The second roundtable will discuss the implementation of effective national test to  treat strategies, including equitable access to new oral antiviral treatments for LMICs. 

High level closing segment: with a call to action to take forward the priority interventions identified for accelerating COVID-19 vaccination and test to treat strategies, while drawing lessons from the pandemic to implement 10 Proposals to Build a Safer World Together.