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Safeguarding the achievements of 20 years of international…

Safeguarding the achievements of 20 years of international engagement in Afghanistan: how to continue supporting the future of afghan women and girls and their access to education

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The virtual Ministerial-Event aims at assessing the situation on the ground and the main challenges and risks currently faced by Afghan women and girls, to identify how the international community can support immediate and medium-term needs, having in mind the need to safeguard the achievements registered over the last years in the promotion of the rights of women and gender equality, including women's and girls' increased access to education.
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It provides a platform to discuss the most pressing needs of Afghan women and the possible tools to face them, including humanitarian aid, the institution of a monitoring mechanism on the human rights situation in the country, including through a gender-disaggregated methodology, as well as other ways to concretely support Afghan women and girls and the continuity of their access to education.

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