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Source-to-Sea Collaboration: A Gamechanger for…

Source-to-Sea Collaboration: A Gamechanger for the Whole Water Cycle (UN 2023 Water Conference)
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Source-to-sea management is a game changing holistic approach across sectoral and administrative boundaries, aiming to balance social, environmental and economic priorities by recognizing the linkages between land, freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems, and bringing together upstream and downstream stakeholders to ensure healthy ecosystems and resilient societies, towards sustainable and lasting solutions.
The side event aims to assist increasing the understanding of the impacts of human activities that alter water, biota, sediment, and of pollution flows on freshwater, coastal and marine ecosystems, including at the transboundary level, as well as of the solutions offered through source-to-sea action. Moreover, at this crucial mid-point of the 2030 Agenda, it aims to showcase how source-to-sea management can assist to step up efforts and practical action, globally, thus, contributing to the UN Water Conference's Water Action Agenda.