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Advancing public-private humanitarian partnership…

Advancing public-private humanitarian partnership - Security Council, 9418th meeting
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The Security Council, through the open debate, will seek to identify and advance public-private partnership solutions to promote international peace and security by addressing current and future humanitarian needs, which, if left unchecked, threaten to further destabilize vulnerable regions and exacerbate conflict over scarce resources.

Open debate in connection with "Advancing public-private humanitarian partnership" under the agenda item "Maintenance of international peace and security".
• Executive Director, World Food Programme, Cindy McCain
• Jared Cohen, President of Global Affairs and co-head of the Office of Applied Innovation at Goldman Sachs
• Chief Executive Officer, Mastercard, Michael Miebach
• Civil society representative (tbc)
The open debate will be chaired by the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania, Igli Hasani.

The world is facing an unprecedented level of humanitarian need driven by conflict, climate change and the enduring impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). In its 2023 mid-year update of the Global Humanitarian Overview, the United Nations assessed that nearly $55 billion will be required to assist 249 million people in need. The current gap between funding requirements and donor contributions is an estimated $41 billion.