Thematic session 6 - 2nd UN Global Sustainable…

Thematic session 6 - 2nd UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference (14-16 October 2021, Beijing, China)

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Sustainable transport – with its objectives of universal access, enhanced safety, reduced environmental and climate impact, improved resilience, and greater efficiency – is the focus of the 2nd Global Sustainable Transport Conference to be held in Beijing, China from 14 to 16 October.

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Thematic session 6: Sustainable transport and sustainable cities  --- This session will discuss how sustainable transport can contribute to the development of sustainable cities that are accessible, healthy, and "liveable" and leave no one behind. It will explore how cities can serve as change agents, promoting sustainable and inclusive transport systems, by using public transport, non-motorized transport, new technologies (smart cities) and sustainable urban models (e.g., compact and "15-minute"-cities), while also addressing (road) safety issues and other challenges. Speakers will share practical and innovative experiences and brainstorm on how to rethink and reshape the way urban transport systems are organized for better living and sustainable development, including in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion will also provide insights into trends and progress towards SDG 3.6 on road safety and SDG target 11.2 on public transport.
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