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Liveable Cities For All – Boosting the 2030 Agenda…

Liveable Cities For All – Boosting the 2030 Agenda with blue urban (HLPF 2023 Side Event)
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The event will showcase the transformative potential of integrated urban development and sustainable water management for a just transition towards water-secure, climate-resilient and socially equitable cities, while leaving no one behind. In this context, the event will also highlight the importance of equitable participation of vulnerable groups, e.g.

The side event will bring together practitioners, high-level speakers from different levels of governments around the world and the UN system as well as renowned experts from related policy sectors to discuss the challenges and opportunities of inclusive and effective blue urban transformation around the globe.

Key questions for the event

  • How can we accelerate the transformation towards water-secure, climate resilient ecologically sound cities? 
  • Which intersectoral and multistakeholder approaches and financial incentives can effectively address rising inequalities and the deterioration of environmental resources as a major obstacle for sustainable urban development and sustainable water management?