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The situation in Somalia - Security Council, 9412nd meeting
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The situation in Somalia.

Addressing Disposal of Somalia’s Charcoal Stockpiles, Security Council Unanimously Adopts Resolution 2696 (2023)
Determining that the situation in Somalia continues to constitute a threat to international peace and security in the region, the Security Council today unanimously adopted a draft resolution addressing the disposal of the country’s charcoal stockpiles as a one-off exemption to previous resolutions.

By resolution 2696 (2023) (to be issued as document S/RES/2696(2023)), the 15-nation organ took note of the proposal presented to the Committee established pursuant to resolution 751 (1992) (the Committee) by the Federal Government of Somalia for the one-off, complete disposal of the charcoal stockpile by export in a letter dated 14 August 2023.

By other terms, the Council decided to authorize the Federal Government of Somalia to implement this proposal as a one-off exemption to the ban on the import and export of charcoal from Somalia, as set out in paragraph 22 of its resolution 2036 (2012), and paragraphs 11 to 21 of resolution 2182 (2014).

Further to the text, the Council directed the Committee to follow up on the above decision and the implementation of the Federal Government of Somalia’s proposal.