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How can we end COVID? The UN's global vaccine…

How can we end COVID? The UN's global vaccine strategy
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70% of COVID vaccines have been distributed to the world's ten largest economies, but the world's poorest countries have received just 0.8%. This inequality is not only unjust, it poses a threat to the whole world. With large sections of the population unvaccinated, new variants, like Omicron, are likely to keep emerging. These new variants spread like wildfire and put everyone at increased risk.

To end this destructive cycle, the UN says we must vaccinate at least 70% of the population in every country. The UN's vaccine strategy is to achieve this goal by mid-2022. This will require at least 11 billion vaccine doses – but the task is doable. 8 billion doses have already been put into people's arms, and globally, 1.5 billion doses are being manufactured every month. 

The real challenge is to make sure that sufficient resources are put into distribution. Shipments to poorer countries need to be vastly increased, financial support has to be given to struggling health systems, and the size of the vaccine taskforce must be increased.  


In short: no one is safe, unless everyone is safe.