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Conflict and Hunger - United Nations Security…

Conflict and Hunger - United Nations Security Council Arria-Formula meeting
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2022 is forecast to be the most food insecure year on record globally. Conflict has driven millions more people across multiple continents into acute food insecurity. According to the FAO and WFP, the number of people affected, with conflict and insecurity as the main driver, rose from 99 million in 2020 to 139 million in 2021. A further seismic rise is inevitable in the current context.
This Arria formula meeting will allow practitioners active on the conflict and hunger agenda, both in the UN system and in the field, to share updates on the alarming global trends of conflict-induced hunger and recommend possible actions to break the cycle of conflict-induced food insecurity. It will also facilitate Member State engagement on questions of the mutually reinforcing impacts of conflict and food insecurity in the Security Council, at the Peacebuilding Commission, in the Economic and Social Council and in other fora, to share understandings of the issues driving conflict and hunger.