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We Deserve Better: Unlocking the Power of Social…

We Deserve Better: Unlocking the Power of Social Protection for Women and Girls (CSW68 Side Event)

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The purpose of the UNICEF CSW68 Side Event is to amplify the lived experiences and voices of women and girls with social protection systems in their countries and elevate concrete pathways for participatory policymaking for more gender-responsive social protection.
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The event will feature an Opening Roundtable and a Ministerial Panel Discussion on gender-responsive social protection with UNICEF, Hewlett Foundation, the Governments of Jordan, UK, Malawi, Ghana, Fiji, Australia, and others to be confirmed.


  • Engage with champion Governments who have declared concrete actions to strengthen gender equality outcomes of their social protection systems, including financing.
  • Launch a Call to Action for participatory policymaking to co-design and implement gender-responsive social protection systems in country contexts.

Key messages:

  • We must recognize social protection as an indivisible and indispensable human right that must be designed and financed to support all people, especially the most marginalized such as women and girls.
  • We must engage women and girls in the design of policies and programs, especially social protection and its financing, as it serves as a door to many vital services and resources in health, education, and the social service workforce.
  • We must design inclusive social protection measures which address some of the most critical needs along the life cycle where women and girls are often penalized and where their progress and development is often hindered simply because of their gender.
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