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Part 1, Opening - Women in Islam: The Rights and…

Part 1, Opening - Women in Islam: The Rights and Identity of Women in the Islamic World (CSW67 Side Event)
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The High-Level Segment and the Policy Dialogue will provide an opportunity to take stock of challenges and obstacles in the way of empowerment of women and their mainstreaming in societies.
The general perception that Muslim women are oppressed and discriminated against is misplaced. Islam guarantee equal rights for men and women. However, as is the case with other religions and societies, perceptions about the rights, identity, and roles of Muslim women are socially constructed and culturally defined.

Discussion Points:

  • The rights and role of Muslim women in Islam.
  • Why are there gaps in perceptions regarding their rights and role both in the historical and current context?
  • Traditional or current cultural practices which may pose a challenge to the realization of the rights of Muslim women.
  • What steps are needed to contribute to their empowerment and gender mainstreaming?
  • How can Muslim women contribute more effectively to their empowerment and achievement of their rights in Muslim and non-Muslim countries and societies?