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Consideration of Belarus (Cont'd) - 3531st Meeting…

Consideration of Belarus (Cont'd) - 3531st Meeting 124th Session of Human Rights Committee
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Consideration of Belarus (Cont'd

Delegation of Belarus 1. H.E. Mr. Yury AMBRAZEVICH, Ambassador, Permanent Representative in Geneva, Head of the Delegation 2. Mr. Dmitry SHILIN, Deputy Director, the National Centre of Legislation and Legal Research 3. Ms. Larysa BELSKAYA, Head of the Main Department of Multilateral Diplomacy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 4. Ms. Alena BOHDAN, Head of the Main Department of the Organization of Medical Care and Expertise, the Ministry of Health 5. Ms. Zhana BATURYTSKAYA, Head of the Division of Sentences Execution, Department for the Execution of Judgments, the Ministry of Internal Affairs 6. Ms. Elena KIRICHENKO, Head of the Department for Non-Commercial Organizations, the Ministry of Justice 7. Ms. Anastasia TSIMANOVICII, Chief Specialist of the Division of International Legal Activity, Department of Legislation, the Supreme Court 8. Ms. Valentina MASLOVSKAYA, Head of the Department of Legal Support, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection 9. Ms. Viktoria MELESHKO, Head of the Department of Legal Support and Monitoring Compliance with Legislation, the Ministry of Information 10. Mr. Pavel RODIONOV, Deputy Head of the Department for Supervision over the Execution of Legislation and Legal Acts Law, the General Prosecutor's Office 11. Ms. Halina SUZDALEVA, Senior Investigator for Especially Important Cases of the Department of the Analysis of Practice and Methodological Support of the Preliminary Investigation, the Investigative Committee 12. Mr. Vadim PISAREVICH, Deputy Permanent Representative in Geneva 13. Ms. Inna VASILEVSKAYA, Senior Counsellor of the Global Policy and Humanitarian Cooperation Department, Main Department of Multilateral Diplomacy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 14. Mr. Andrei TARANDA. Counsellor, Permanent Mission in Geneva