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How to Prevent and Respond to Grave Violations…

How to Prevent and Respond to Grave Violations Against Children in Armed Conflict - Security Council, 9366th meeting
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The open debate will provide an opportunity for Member States to consider the findings from the report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict (to be issued as A/77/895-S/2023/363). Conflict continues to affect children to alarming levels, as outlined in the report.

The Highest-Ever Number of Violations against Children Are Verified in 2022, Briefer Tells Security Council, as Speakers Champion Reintegration and Education Programmes.

Briefing the Security Council today, the senior official tasked with advocating for children in armed conflict noted that 2022 held the highest number of grave violations ever verified by the United Nations, with Government armed and security forces the main perpetrators of the killing and maiming of children, attacks on schools and hospitals, and denial of humanitarian access.

Virginia Gamba, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, told the 15-nation organ that the Secretary-General’s report on this topic (document A/77/895-S/2023/363) covers 27,800 violations against 18,890 children in 2022 — 8,630 killings or mutilations, 7,622 instances of recruitment and 3,985 abductions. Further, instead of receiving protection, child victims are punished for their circumstances. In 2022, 2,496 children were deprived of liberty for their actual or alleged association with parties to conflict.

Also noting positive achievements, she spotlighted the situation in Yemen, where the United Nations signed an action plan with the Houthis to end and prevent violence. In Iraq, the Government signed an action plan to prevent the recruitment of children by the Popular Mobilization Forces and repatriated 1,448 Iraqi children from north-east Syria. The United Nations is also engaging with parties to the conflicts in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Ukraine and the Russian Federation, she reported.