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2024 United Nations Global Drug Free World Conference…

2024 United Nations Global Drug Free World Conference (CSW68 Side Event)

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United Nations Drug Free World Conference Sustainable Solutions per the UNGASS 2016 Consensus, Education, Equality and Justice for Women; Conscience to Empower Women and Create Drug Free Communities.
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One would be hard-pressed to identify a societal ill more insidious and destructive than drug and substance abuse, which initiates gender-based violence, erodes sexual morality and security in entire communities. Justice, gender equality, and social consciousness are impossible in a drugged, unaware society. 

Global drug abuse affected a staggering 275 million people worldwide in 2021 while over 39.5 million people suffered drug use disorders (2021 World Drug Report, UNODC).

The conference speakers were chosen to present the results of large scale national and international programs, scientifically founded data and conclusions so as to empower collaboration of like-minded humanitarian / scientific / governmental / social groups; thereby reducing global drug abuse by education in the truth about drugs; empowering the status and safety of all women;  reducing gender-based violence; protecting justice, equality for women; and creating community wellness.  The conference intends to align with, empower and advance the United Nations Humanitarian Purpose and Sustainable Goals.

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