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"Are you the Scorpion?" Melissa Fleming (UN) interviews Alice Nderitu (UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide) - Awake at Night: S3-Episode20
5 Mar 2021 -  “Genocide is a human creation so there has to be a human solution to it. What the world hasn't learned is what to do about the response….The early warning is there [...] but response is extremely poor. For ‘never again’ to work, we need to invest energy in addressing the foundations that produce the people who end up becoming genociders.”

In this episode of Awake at Night, Alice Nderitu, the Secretary General’s Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide, speaks candidly about her experiences mediating in areas of conflict and how her powerful storytelling techniques built a peace agreement between 56 ethnic communities that still stands today. She also shares the indicators that can lead to violence and the importance of being an active listener. When Alice was a young girl, she had told her brother "'I'm going to be an elder, and I'm going to sit there and I'll make decisions.’ And my brother would tell me, ‘You’re a girl. Girls don't get to do that. Only men can do that.’ And so we...now it's a joke between us."

Screen-shot photo credit: ©United Nations