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"Clearing Mines for 30 Years" Melissa Fleming (UN) interviews Paul Heslop (UNMAS) - Awake at Night: S3-Episode 25
23 Apr 2021 -  "[There are] two iconic images of the 20th century: Diana walking through the minefield in body armour and then with a little girl who lost a leg to a mine. I was proud to...highlight the incredible work that's been done by deminers around the world by hosting that visit."

In this episode of Awake at night, we meet Paul Heslop, Head of the UN Mine Action Team in Afghanistan. Paul has been clearing mines in conflict zones for nearly thirty years. He shares the remarkable progress deminers have made in removing explosive devices across the globe with Mozambique (his first post back in ‘94) declaring itself mine-free two years ago. Paul also recounts his time as a field officer for the Halo Trust when Princess Diana came to visit a minefield in Angola where he was working back in 1997. He recalls that epochal moment and how his quick thinking led to the non-profit gaining huge worldwide exposure through the iconic photographs of the trip.

Screen-shot photo credit: ©UNMAS/The HALO Trust