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Consigning sexual harassment to the dustbin of history: what would it take to achieve cultural change? - CSW63 Side Event
19 Mar 2019 -  Workplaces, cities and universities have witnessed an unprecedented global challenge to sexual harassment. Women from every region have taken to the streets and grasped the power of social media to expose their pain and harm, including through use of the hashtags #MeToo, #NiUnaMenos, #BalanceTonPorc, #PrimeiroAssedio, #Babaeko and #WithYou.
The Secretary-General has made addressing sexual harassment a top priority, emphasizing that “sexual harassment, like sexual abuse and sexual violence, is rooted in historic power imbalances” and a male-dominated culture in the workplace. Over the past year, the UN progressed several initiatives to address sexual harassment—new policies, codes of conduct and a General Assembly resolution.
It is time to project into the future and reflect on the world we want to build together. Large scale transformation is essential if sexual harassment is truly to be eliminated: hence the focus on cultural change.