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International Day of Education at the UN: Partners in Sustaining our Future – Sharing Goals in Global Stewardship
16 Nov 2018 -  #InternationalEducationDay
This event will examine and celebrate the role that international education plays in creating a more peaceful, just, and equitable world using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as the blueprint. The session will highlight academic institutions as vibrant civil society partners for implementing the SDGs to address the global challenges we face. Featured speakers will also illustrate the benefits of international education and exchange towards fostering understanding and respect among people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Moving forward, it is hoped that the event will stimulate discussion towards giving a more global outlook to the International Education Week.
Session 1: Global leadership Development.
Session 2: Inspiring the next generation of peacebuilders - The power of civil society to engage youth to take action.
Session 3: Education across borders - Ideas, innovations and idealism from intercultural exchanges.
Closing remarks
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