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Panel II: The Road to a COVID-19 Vaccine – a Global Public Good - Special Session of the General Assembly in response to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic (3-4 December 2020)
4 Dec 2020 -  Panel II: The Road to a COVID-19 Vaccine – a Global Public Good
• Moderator: Lyse Doucet, BBC Presenter and Chief International Correspondent
•Panelists – Part I: The Science
- Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization
- BioNTech: Prof. Uğur Şahin and Dr. Özlem Türeci
- Prof. Sarah Gilbert, Oxford University/AstraZeneca [Pre-recorded video by Adar Poonawalla, Chief Executive Officer, Serum Institute of India]
• Panelists – Part II: Vaccines for All
- Dr. Seth Berkley, Chief Executive Officer of GAVI
- Ms. Henrietta H. Fore, Executive Director of the United Nations Children's Fund
- Dr. Richard Hatchett, Chief Executive Officer, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)
- Sir Andrew Witty, WHO Special Envoy for ACT-Accelerator – virtual

Significant progress has been made in developing new tools and strategies in the fight against COVID-19, including vaccines, as the result of unprecedented international collaboration, much-needed investments, and world-class scientific efforts in research and development. The world is at a critical acceleration point in the vaccine development and deployment timeline, poised to turn the corner into the vaccine era of the COVID-19 pandemic. The objective of this dedicated discussion on a COVID-19 vaccine was to breakdown the process of vaccine development and address the ‘infodemic’ around it in publicly digestible terms. How many vaccines are currently being tested and at which stages in the process is each one? How will vaccines be produced and distributed? How is the multilateral system working with governments and private sector partners to ensure the equitable distribution of, and access to, a COVID-19 vaccine as a global public good? How are the financial resources required to ensure equitable access to COVID-19 tools, including a vaccine, being mobilized? What other testing and treatments need to be readily accessible, pending the universal access to vaccines?