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SMEs, informality and human rights - Forum on Business and Human Rights 2015
17 Nov 2015 -  Moderator:
Dr. Ariel Meyerstein, Vice President, Labor, Corporate Responsibility & Governance, United States Council for International Business (USCIB)

- Laura Chapman Rubbo, Director, International Labor Standards, The Walt Disney Company
- Egidio Germanetti, International Finance Corporation
- Erol Kiresepi, CEO, Santa Farma Pharmaceuticals
- Dan Rees, Program Director, ILO-IFC Better Work Programme
- Makbule Sahan, International Trade Union Confederation
- Puvan Selvanathan, UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights
- Rona Starr, Director, Supplier Workplace Accountability, McDonald’s Corporation

Forum on Business and Human Rights