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The Family and Social Protection Systems in the Fight Against Homelessness (CSocD58 Side Event)
19 Feb 2020 -  Governments often only look at homelessness as an economic or fiscal issue. Too often the humanity of homeless persons is ignored altogether by governments and they are only ever seen as a statistic to be corrected. But housing policies and other technocratic solutions are only a stopgap measure.
In order to address homelessness, governments must take into consideration the human causes of homelessness, beginning with protection of the family. Surveys across countries have consistently found that one of the most commonly cited causes of homelessness is the break-down of the family.
In a world where the family is the most important social safety net, and where social protection systems are at the breaking point, the international community and governments must make sure the family is a central focus of social protection policies.

- Fr. Louis Leonelli, CFR, Franciscan Brother of the Renewal from St. Anthony’s Shelter in the South Bronx
- Marion D. Boteju, Chief of Staff and Corporate Secretary, The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York
- Lawrence Hampton, husband and father, formerly homeless
- Stefano Gennarini, Vice President of Legal Studies, C-Fam