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Virtual open briefing of the Counter-Terrorism Committee on “emerging trends in violent extremism conducive to terrorism and addressing violent extremism through a human rights-based approach”
9 Oct 2020 -  The purpose of the virtual open briefing is to bring together policymakers, practitioners, civil society and researchers – including members of CTED’s Global Research Network (GRN) – to examine, discuss and identify: (i) the current threat landscape; (ii) ongoing gaps and challenges in responding to this threat (with an array of regional perspectives), including lessons learned in relation to integrating this threat within existing countering violent extremism (CVE) strategies; and (iii) practical forward-looking approaches.

The virtual open briefing will embed a human rights-based and gender-sensitive perspective throughout. In addition, the discussion will provide an opportunity to share effective human rights-compliant, whole-of-society approaches gathered from Member States’ CVE programmes that are aimed at promoting inclusion, community engagement and the free expression of views in order to counter and prevent violent extremism leading to terrorism. It will also provide an opportunity to identify lessons learned and challenges faced by Member States in their CVE efforts.