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Where will the international humanitarian system stand in 2025? - OCHA Annual Humanitarian Symposium 2013
12 Dec 2013 -  UNOCHA is holding its inaugural Annual Humanitarian Symposium, which will discuss: “Where will the international humanitarian system stand in 2025?”
By 2025, humanitarian response will be radically different, new actors and ways of doing business will transform the delivery of aid, potentially including a much less central role for the formal international humanitarian system.
The symposium will feature a moderated, high-level panel debate including the participation of Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Almeraikhi, Director-General of the Qatar Development Fund; Ambassador Bruno Figueroa, Director-General for Technical and Scientific Cooperation, Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation; Mr. David Milliband, Head of the International Rescue Committee; Mr. Claus Sørensen, Director-General of the European Community Humanitarian Office and Mr. Misikir Tilahun, Head of Programmes, Africa Humanitarian Action and Ms. Hannah Poole as the moderator.
The symposium will also feature expert talks on new trends in humanitarian response, focusing on the impact of the digital revolution and technology (Dr. Patrick Meier); the growth of cash transfer programming (Ms. Jamie Zimmerman); and the role of the private sector (Mr. Daniel W. Baker).