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WHO - Press Conference: update on global response to Microcephaly (Geneva, 19 February 2016)
19 Feb 2016 -  WHO update on global response to microcephaly, neurological disorders and Zika virus.

WHO has launched a global prevention and control strategy to guide its international response to the spread of Zika virus infection and the neonatal malformations and neurological conditions associated with it.

The strategy includes working with partners to investigate and respond to increases in microcephaly and other neurological disorders in areas where there are also Zika outbreaks, to contain the spread of Zika virus, and fast track R & D, and boost preparedness in at risk countries.

Zika has catalysed immediate action to put into place some of the practical processes that will underpin WHO’s new programme on outbreaks and emergencies.

WHO will also give an overview of the vector control measures that work to prevent Zika.

• Dr Bruce Aylward, Executive Director, Outbreaks and Health Emergencies (ai), WHO
• Dr Pedro Alonso, Director Global Malaria Programme, WHO