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"You Can Put Things Right" Melissa Fleming (UN) interviews Inger Andersen (UNEP) - Awake at Night: S3-Episode17
12 Feb 2021 -  This week's guest on Awake at Night is Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), which she describes as ‘the environmental conscience’ of the world. She calls for bold action as she warns climate change poses an existential threat far greater than COVID-19 and, unstopped, “will change the very foundation of our existence as we know it.”
"[P]eople understood COVID because it was imminent," she said. Yet, "it's a fact that COVID is [...] a small overture to what will happen if we do not take action on climate."
“When we respect nature, and our planet, we are respecting ourselves. And when we fail to, we are in fact disrespecting ourselves or certainly the next generation and their life."