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Access to sanitation is a matter of dignity (Jan Eliasson)
19 Nov 2014 -  For most people around the world, flushing a toilet is a mundane habit. But 1 billion human beings face the reality of open defecation. This is a particular problem for women and girls, because of the threat of sexual violence and the loss of privacy.

In celebration of World Toilet Day, the United Nations on Wednesday called on leaders in developing regions to help end open defecation. Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson emphasized that sanitation is a human right that should be accessible for everyone.

Quote Jan Eliasson:
“For me it is a matter of dignity also. And that goes very much for women and girls in so many countries, 20 some countries, where the practice of open defecation is the case. We have some horrible examples of what can happen to girls and women who go out there in the field and get raped and abused…”

A clean and safe toilet ensures a healthier life for children and adults. The UN is working to end open defecation by 2025.
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