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Permanent Forum on People of African Descent - Virtual informal consultation with Member States and Civil Society
9 Apr 2021 -  The United Nations General Assembly decided, in resolution A/RES/73/262, "to establish a permanent forum on people of African descent, which will serve as a consultation mechanism for people of African descent and other interested stakeholders as a platform for improving the quality of life and livelihoods of people of African descent and to contribute to elaborating a United Nations declaration, which is the first step towards a legally binding instrument, on the promotion and full respect of human rights of people of African descent, and that the modalities, format and substantive and procedural aspects of the permanent forum will be concluded by Member States and observer States, with further consultations with people of African descent".

The purpose of this event is to allow Member States and civil society organizations to mutually convey their concepts regarding the draft outline on the main aspects of the Permanent Forum on people of African descent, including its mandate, substantive objectives, procedural aspects, structure, format and reporting modalities.
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