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Harnessing Partnerships, Resources and Science: Working Together to get Things Done, Thematic Breakout session, 10th Economic and Social Council Youth Forum
7 Apr 2021 -  The work to build back better from the dramatic impacts of a raging pandemic requires new thinking, International solidarity, investments in sustainable development, new partnerships and mobilizing science and technology. Such efforts need to effectively engage young people as critical actors, partners and leaders. To be effective, recovery efforts should pursue a more equitable distribution of wealth and basic social services, respect for planetary boundaries and other SDGs. They should reflect new models such as creative economies and enjoy the ownership of all.

In this breakout session, young people will address SDG 17 (Partnerships) and its importance to build inclusive, fair and resilient communities, societies and economies. The discussions could focus on the means of implementation, including financing for development, development cooperation, science, technology and innovation. More specifically, the discussions could address how best reduce the digital divide and improve access to new technologies, including frontier technologies, such as artificial intelligence. In addition, the session could look at how the creative economy could contribute to advance new partnership models.

Moderator: Ms. Claire Sterngold, Youth & Trade Programme, Division of Enterprises and Institutions, International Trade Centre.