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Achieving Poverty Eradication by Sustainable Health, Well-being and Education: The Case of Ebola in West Africa and other Epidemics and Disasters Worldwide
30 Jan 2018 -  Side Event during the Commission for Social Development 2018 (CSocD56) Given the Priority Theme on: “Strategies for eradicating poverty to achieve sustainable development for all”.
This side event focuses on the urgency of awareness and attention to long-term recovery and resilience of communities suffering the after effects of health epidemics that have plagued countries and regions worldwide. The importance of this is highlighted in efforts to achieve the sustainable development goals, namely, SDG3 of Health and Well-being for All, including specifically target 3.4 which relates to “promoting mental health and well-being” as well as SDG4 -“Education for All,” in the context of these being relevant to the “road out of poverty.” The panel serves as an example of SDG 17, given that it represents various sectors. The deliverable is to call for policies and programmes that address sustainable long-term care and capacity building in health crises, as well as a multi-stakeholder partnership to implement interventions.