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Children with Disabilities Shall Not be Left Behind – Good Practices and Challenges in Inclusive Education (COSP12 Side Event)
11 Jun 2019 -  In this event we will focus on access to education as a human right, stated in several articles in the UN conventions CRPD and CRC. SDG 4 in Agenda 2030 focuses especially on inclusive education. Government officials and NGO representatives from the Nordic countries, experts from the World bank, UNICEF and young disability rights advocates from Kenya and the Phillippines, present and discuss initiatives for every child's access to education. In the Nordic region, education is universal and free for all. School laws demand that schools provide education to all pupils according to needs and abilities. There are many good examples, but also challenges on how to provide equal conditions for learning. 
The event will be opened by State secretary Jan-Christian Kolstø, Ministry of Culture, Norway and Nora Eklöf, Youth for Accessibility Network, Sweden
Moderator: Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo, World Bank
Speakers: Mark Waltham, UNICEF; Regina Mugure Mwangi, Leonard Cheshire, Kenya; Czarinah Mercado, Leonard Cheshire, Philippines; Mia Modig, Equally Unique, Sweden; Magnus Lagercrantz, Agency for Participation, Sweden; Tuomas Tuure, Threshold Association, Finland.