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People with intellectual disabilities and their families during the COVID19 pandemic: Challenges and good practices - COSP13 Side Event
2 Dec 2020 -  People with intellectual disabilities and their families are particularly impacted by the COVID19 pandemic. They are facing multiple challenges and they have adopted solutions to cope with the situation. Among the key challenges: The negative financial impact, the increased stress and mental health issues, the barriers in accessing education, including the lack of support for learners with intellectual disabilities as well as a failure to consider lack of access to internet for many families.
Given the current evolution of the pandemic and its expected long term duration, Governments are continuously reviewing their strategies, programs and budget to face the crisis and reduce its impact on the populations and on the most vulnerable groups. All actions by governments in this area must be informed by the knowledge, experience and expertise of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.
This platform aim to hear from them their experiences and recommendations.