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Consideration of Oman (Cont'd) - 1549th Meeting 68th Session on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women
3 Nov 2017 -  br> Delegation of Oman
1. HE Sheikh Mohammed Said Saif AI Kalbani, Minister of Social Development, Head of the Delegation.
2. Dr. Hilal Mohammed Nasser Al Rashdi, Judge in the court of Appeal / Advisor at the Office of the Head of the Administrative Judicial Council of the Supreme Court.
3. Mrs. Maisa Zahran Mohsin Al Raqaishi, Head of the General Prosecution.
4. Dr. Yahya Mohamed Zaher Al Hinai, General Director of the Family, Development at the Ministry of Social Development.
5. Mr. Mubarak Ali Said AI Rahbi, Head of the Office of the Social Development Minister.
6. Mr. Jamal Salim Saif Al Nabhani, Advisor and First Assistant at the Ministry of Legal Affairs.
7. Dr. Badriya Khalfan Nasser Al Yahyai, Education Expert at the Office of the Minister of Education.
8. Dr. Fatma Ibrahim Saoud Al Hinai, Director of the Women and Children Health Department at the General Directorate of the First Medical Aid at the Ministry of Health.
9. Engineer Hamida Sloum Sulailim Al Shukairi, Director of the Department of Modernization and Quality Assurance of the General Directorate of Planning and Progress at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
10. Mrs. Jamila Salim Mabkhout Jadad, Director of Women’s Affairs at the Ministry of Social Development– Member and Rapporteur of the Committee.
11. Mrs. Aida Shamis Zayed Al Hashimi, Member of the Board of Directors– Head of Women Committee at the General Federation of Oman Trade Unions.