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Leaving No One Behind and building back better from COVID-19: The Future of Work in LDCs
19 Nov 2020 -  The COVID-19 pandemic is causing labour market ravages in all regions, some of those trends are accelerating, thereby generating new challenges and opportunities for job creation.
While advanced economies are responding promptly and stand ready to invest to take benefit from the spread of remote working arrangements, increasing automation and the reshuffling of global value chains, LDCs struggle to overcome deep rooted and pre-existing decent work deficits.
As we enter the last ten years of the 2030 Agenda and begin preparations for the Fifth United Nations Conference on the LDCs (LDC5), where the new Programme of Action for LDCs will be agreed, this event will reflect on the actions required at national and international levels to achieve a promising future of work in LDCs.
The event will look at the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on labour markets in LDCs and explore the policy frameworks that can foster recovery and build future resilience.